Saturday, September 29, 2007

Making things better

Today's entry not only gives you a small glimpse into my day, it also shows you what a little Lightroom can do to a picture. Here you can see how it can take a good photo (or an okay photo)and..... make it better.
Today we went to help my mother-in-law move some things to her new home. It's not actually moving day yet, but we got a few things moved to get boxes out of her way at the 'old' house. It's was a cool, sunny, autumn day, the kind of day that inspires curiosity. A little creek nearby was the main focus of curiosity for the little ones. Travis jumped down to the water below to attempt catching minnows with his bare hands. His little cousin, Abby, wanted to go down there too, but she is too little to jump down, and walking down would get her into poison ivy. She could barely contain her sence of adventure, she just squirmed with excitement and anticipation. She keep telling Travis, "I want to pet one!". The changes to this first photo were subtle, but needed.

but the changes to this photo were more dramatic.

I stopped in front of the house and caught my reflection. I've been experimenting with reflections and self-portraits a bit more lately. Lightroom really helped that photo ALOT!

Moving to the new house will make things better for mom, too.

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