Monday, September 24, 2007

New Tricks for an Old Dog

Were you expecting this to be about dogs? One of these days, this case I'm talking about myself. Last week I discovered that Flickr has groups, or Pools they call them, where folks with similar photo interests share their work. You can comment on each other's photos, and have message boards in there, which is great fun if you like taking pictures!
Why am I telling you this? Because that's where this old dog is learning new tricks!! This short post (did I hear someone say "Whew!" ?) is simply for sharing my very first attempt at trying HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography. I used settings in Photoshop to make the three small photos here

into the one larger photo here

The photos are taken using a special setting on the camera, which allows the camera to take several shots of the same subject at different exposures. The photos are then layered in photoshop to make a more, well, dynamic photo. There are some amazing examples in Flickr, if anyone wants to venture over and browse around. I decided to post this to mark my entrance into this experiment, hopefully you'll see how I 'develope' (sorry about the pun!) my skills in this area.

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