Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting There is Half the Battle

We are back from our quick, yet exciting, trip to Norfolk. For those who don't know, we drove to Norfolk Naval Base this past Friday to go out on a Family Cruise on the U.S.S. George Washington, which our son is assigned to. The cruise was all day Saturday, and we came back home Sunday.

Here are the photos everyone has been waiting for....... Sorry I didn't post them sooner like I had promised, but we were sooo tired! We didn't get to bed until midnight Thursday night, woke up at 6 and was on the road by 7 (barely!). The 10 hour drive was pretty nice. It was very cloudy, almost too cloudy to get good photos as we drove.

We saw lots of scenery similar to this in Eastern Kentucky:

There was a little construction near Cattletsburg, near the Ky/WVa border. I-64 was down to 2 lanes! We were glad the traffic was light.

The mountains in West Virginia and Virginia were really pretty! It rained a little in West Virginia, just enough to make us realize we are going to need new windshield wiper blades soon!

This is a road shot of Virginia. We really enjoyed the wonderful views!

There was a couple places to pull off the side for scenic overlooks in Virginia east of Waynesboro. Here are a couple shots from there, including one with Jeff and Travis

I even got a drive-by shot of the State capital in Charleston, West Virginia!

Traffic was great...until we got close to Williamsburg and Norfolk. We got there in time for the beginning of the Friday evening rush hour. Traffic crawled! It took us 30 minutes to go 8 miles!

Here is our first glimpse of the Aircraft Carriers before going through the tunnel

This is the inside of the Hampton Roads Bay Bridge Tunnel we had to pass through to get to our destination:

And here you can see how close the motel was to the beach

And what the view looked like from the balcony.

We arrived just as the sun was setting, so we took a few minutes to play on the beach while waiting for Eric and his buddy to meet us there.

This shot is looking toward the bridge to the tunnel we went through.

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