Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still Life with Dried Roses

I think I have found an inspiration for better photos.
I have always enjoyed a good still life, but really have not explored them very much. I have learned a few techniques with Photo Shop this past year, and it is nice to be able to use them in a way that is pleasing to me.
The weather outside is bitterly cold, and about to get colder. There is nothing new outside to take pictures of anyway, so it is a good time to dust off my vintage pottery and look around the house for all these nick knacks I've collected over the years, and give them purpose.

Back in the days when I only had one child I actually tried a few still lifes in pastels. They aren't too bad, I just never got around to framing them, so they sit in the sketch book and rarely get looked at. By now the corners are getting bent from being moved about from shelf to shelf.
These photographic versions are much more realistic!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 9 Queen of the Quilts

Not exactly a resolution...but maybe more like guided self-motivation....
I started the year by joining in some 365 groups on Flickr. They are groups dedicated to taking and posting a photo every day through the entire year.
I can be quite lazy sometimes, so thought it would serve as some sort of motivation to keep looking for photos all around me. I've started off quite slowly, but the idea of posting boring photos everyday will soon get me looking for something more worthy of sharing. Kinda like living in a cluttered eats at ya until you do something about it!

The holidays here were nice. We had one sailor come home to visit, but the other one couldn't. Being in Japan makes it much harder. We sent him a care package and he sent cool gifts from Japan that made everyone say WoW! I told him don't worry about not coming home, enjoy being in another culture! Life is an adventure!
Our oldest son will soon be joining him in Japan. He will be assigned to a destroyer in the same fleet and strike group.
Being a mom of sailors isn't easy, but it makes me very proud.

Happy Year to everyone....I hope to post here more often too!