Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year!

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I'm still doing photos, I just haven't been to my blog in a long time!
I got a new camera from Christmas! My loving hubby and two older boys all pitched in together and got me the one I've been wanting. I'm shocked, but glad, they actually did it! This truly is the gift that keeps on giving! I can only imagine how many priceless memories will be captured here through my new view of the world!
Already I have snapped up some fun photos of the kids playing and goofing around, even all four of them when they were all here for Christmas! Tim and his girlfriend, Jessica, posed for me so I could practice real portrait photography, and, with the help of Photoshop, have been rewarded with results we all love!
I've posted tons of new photos in my flickr account since my last posting. You can access those photos through the links and photos on the right side of the page.
I need to get back into the swing of posting here, and might, now I've discovered the Blog This button in flickr!

I have also added a couple 'vintage' cameras to my arsenal. I decided to splurge on an Argus Rangefinder, like the one my dad owns. I found a nice specimen on Ebay, and have ran one roll of film through it so far. Then I discovered a great way to use the ole' double reflex (is that the right term?) cameras. So I bought an Argus Seventy Five to try my hand at that.
Since I was getting a small collection of film cameras, I went for a more modern version and picked up a Canon EOS 750 off Ebay as well. I have my first roll of film in it now, and only snapped one photo so far.
So the new year should bring many new photos!
Here's hoping you have a great new year as well!