Monday, July 20, 2009

Sprocket Holes!

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I'm finally making progress with film!
There are so many demons to battle when learning new things. It seems like every time I try to do something, the computer sees me coming, spins some sort of Wheel of Misery to decide what it won't do for me this time!
If it's not the external hard being full, then it's something new going wrong with the scanner! Then dvd software won't let me burn photos to make space or something else the scanner is doing to keep me from scanning. Yes, I have lots of scanner trouble! even after finding a 'new' one on Craig's List! It's new in the sense it had never been used before, it's just not the newest model. The family is still on a budget, ya know!

Well, battles are being won, and I'm finally pulling ahead in the scoring department in that regard, and starting to have fun with photos again! If a gal can't have fun, then why do it? Right?
We are having amazing weather lately, some days are too hot to believe, but we are also having an unseasonable cool spell. It's been like autumn in July this past week, and I haven't heard anyone complain! It made for great weather for a car show Saturday.

The car show was a great chance for me to finish up a couple rolls of film in two different cameras. I'm totally loving my Canon EOS 750, and very automatic film camera. It;'s a bit heavy, but I can swap lenses between it and my digital, and it's one camera I don't have to think about settings and exposures on. I just cross my fingers! ha ha!
I cannibalized (slightly) a Kodak duaflex so I could have at least one that functioned as an actual camera. When I bought the Duaflexes I didn't intend to use film in them, so I wasn't concerned about their funtions. But then I decided to give the sprocket hole thing a try and the best functioning Kodak needed a film winding knob. That's the extent of the cannibalizing, though! I did have to take the camera apart and clean the lenses and view finder real good. I thought my first roll of fillm run through it looked a bit soft. Soft is ok for some things, but they were dirty, and that never helps make a better image!

I also got around to replacing the light seal in the Fujica AX-3 hubby found in a pawn shop over a year ago. I found a 50mm lens for it on ebay, and our first roll of film in it showed a serious light leak. We got the replacement kit for it not long after that, but just kept putting off what seemed like a yucky chore. And a yucky chore it was! But it was worth it, breathing fumes of lighter fluid used to clean the old sticky seals off really isn't much different than breathing fumes from fingernail polish! No sooner than I had that finished and the camera cleaned up, I had a roll of 12 exposure film in it to test it, and it looks like the problem is fixed! Developing my own film is starting to have it's advantages!
I have another roll of film in the Fujica, but it's not finished yet. I'm anxious to see how it did, though. I hope I get some more photo ops soon!

The Fujica is a fun camera to shoot. It's light weight and versatile. It's the same model as the one hubby and I bought when we were first married, but foolishly sold when we starting going point & shoot and digital. It didn't take long to regret that move and I swear I'll never ever sell another camera again! You just never know!

We have been to a couple car shows over the last couple months, so there are plenty of photos of cars in my photo stream for those of you who like to drool over such things.

I also have become involved with a new online project started by the folks at my local newspaper office. I already have links to it from here, just look at the bottom of the page and you'll see YourKYPhotos. On the right sidebar is a link to their Facebook page for those of you who are on Facebook. Some of the photos I (and other area photographers) take around the area are for sale. You will find photos from many area events, not all of them this year, some are form the last couple of years, as we have some really big events happening around here from time to time. So please take the time to check that out, and buy any you would like prints of. All the photographers are regular folks like me, who love taking photos, and this is a chance for us to make a little bit of money from our hobby.
Have a great summer!