Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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Winter is dragging it's feet this year, everyone I know seems to be more than ready for spring to begin. We all long for warmer days so we can bask in the sun, shed some extra layers and stop shivering! Even the cats just keep looking for a warmer place to spend their days and nights!
Sometimes the only way to get through a tough season is to start thinking about things that give you warm thoughts. For me, I have starting planting seeds for my summer garden. I have tomatoes and herb seedlings coming up already, seed catalogs are starting to arrive, and more have been ordered.
A challenge in the Macro Monday group in Flickr spurred me to find something to fit the weekly theme, "From the Fridge". It's always fun to see what other people come up with for the same theme, but it seems that my fruity entry is also helping others think warm thoughts as well.
We had just been to the grocery store and I stocked up on a few citrus fruits in hopes of making a real nice pitcher of Sangria. That evening was just warm enough for hubby to throw some burgers on the grill, while I sliced fruit and took photos. The the whole combination of burgers and wine combined with a bowl of homemade salsa and chips, was nicely reminiscent of a summer day.
The saying goes that it's always darkest before the dawn. This year we are hoping that it's coldest before spring. We just don't know how many more storms and arctic cold waves we can endure!
So here is a photo to help everyone out there hold on just a little bit longer. Spring is just around the corner, and soon I'll be posting photos of crocus and daffodils again!