Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seen in a new light

While waiting for metal to melt last night, the sun was setting and I wanted to see if I could capture something else. I didn't stray far, the setting sun was shinning between buildings casting all kinds of shadows, forcing me use the flash at times, and messing up the focus other times. Live and learn.

The first target was a rusty metal panel next to some electric meters. I opted for something a little off center. The dials were spinning!

On the back of the same building was this huge window...waaaayy up there. I had no choice but to get this angle, but I liked it. Dreams of playing with this one dance in my head.

Then on the south side of the same building were these wooden steps. New, but already weathered. I like the texture and the shadows in this. Maybe I should have tried a few more angles though?

And again...not far away was a small fenced in area with this latch on it. I had to use the flash for this, the pictures were too blurry without it. I thought it was kinda interesting looking. This may get altered as well.

Now...the sky was not actually this orange when I took this picture. One day I'll get a photo using Auto, and one using the sunset setting, so you can compare. It really makes a difference is absorbing the light and color from the sky. That's the top of our county court house jutting up in the distance. I just hate how power lines get in these shots!

Glad to see not everything is coming from China! I was hoping this would come out better, just a bit too fuzzy for me. But I can try again next week. It could be fun to play with as well.

The evening was topped off by awarding two scouts their Star Patch. Though not as well recognized by the world as the Eagle Patch, it has to be earned before becoming an Eagle. There is one more patch they must earn before moving on to Eagle and that's the Life Patch. Both boys are quite young for accomplishing this already, one is only 12! (I think?) This photo is the candle log we burn at every Court of Honor Ceremony. This particular log we brought back a few years ago from camp in Canada (Tamaracouda near Montreal). They had tornadoes or high winds just a couple weeks before we got there, and alot of trees fell. We brought back one small piece as a momento.
I took this photo from about half way across the room, during the ceremony. If you look closely, you can see the heat coming off the flames. I also like the reflection on the table.

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