Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Finaly!!

Rhododendron 2
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Now that things in the yard are blooming, the birds are singing, the air is warmer, I feel like not only can I breathe again, but feel more alive!
The grass is getting it's first cutting today, though we lag behind some of the neighbors. I also was able to wear a sleeveless top finally (without getting goosebumps) and got my hands dirty and my shoes muddy. I straightened a rose bush that had been leaning and cleaned up and fixed up the area around my water faucet so it's not such a mess. The weeds love growing there!
Seedlings are growing in the basement under florescent light, so far I have tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, basil and dill coming up. I wish I had planted more things, but space was limited, and spring is still early. I hope my herbs do better this year, last year's drought made everything difficult. I need lots of tomatoes this year, my supply of jarred tomatoes is running low. I've been wanting to try pickled peppers, so I hope the banana peppers do well. I also hope the dill does well, I'd like to make more dilled green beans to preserve again. It's been a few years since I've made them. As much as I don't need to I should grow more cucumbers again this year and try to make more sliced pickles. I sure don't need more relish!

We've had plenty of spring rains, and we are looking for good ways to collect rain water, if we can't get some blue barrels, we will just get some garbage cans. It cost too much to water the garden with city water!

Photography here continues, I'm playing more with Through The Viewfinder shots and I got some macro filters for trying another way to get macro photos as the flowers start to bloom. The photo here was taken with my big 75-300mm lens though. I took it yesterday while wondering around the yard looking for new subjects and hoping to get good pictures of the yard birds.
Time to go throw some brats on the grill....Happy Spring everyone!