Monday, September 14, 2009

Macro World

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I went camping with our boy scout troop this past weekend. Saturday morning we woke up to a dew covered world. We camped right next to a small lake, the kind that doesn't see many campers or fishermen, so there were lots of grasses, wildflowers and cattails growing near the water's edge. A perfect place to wonder around with a camera and macro filters in the early morning's light. I haven't visited the macro world as much lately, and I thoroughly enjoyed the mini vacation of exploring the things that lay just within reach and sight if we just slow down, sit down, and look closer.
You have to learn to look slowly, and watch where you put your feet, your hands and your lens, you can find so many things in what seems like a small space to us.
I found spiders and their webs, woolly worms, frogs, and water drops on everything! Oh how the water drops glisten like jewels in the first warm rays of light!
In my home world I would never imagine going on such a grand adventure before my first cup of coffee of the day. But when on an adventure, rules are meant to be broken!

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