Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chevy Truck

Chevy Truck
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I'm getting back to finding new ways to look at my images. Photographing cars and trucks at car shows can be such a challenge, because it's so hard to isolate what I want to be in the shot. There is always a bright colored car parked next to light colored ones, which reflects in the one I'm shooting, plus I try not to capture people who probably don't realize they may be in the shot. I don't always have time to wait for them to move, but I don't want to make them hurry up just for me. Most of the cars and trucks at the shows can only be truly appreciated when you slow down to look at the details inside and out. The owners often put much time and money in these rolling works of art, they enjoy seeing people take pleasure looking at them, and hear what they think about it. Stopping to talk to the owners, even for a minute can be so rewarding. You find out so much more about the car that way. When you hear how much it means to them and what they've done to get it to the condition it is (or keep it the way it was), makes it that much more beautiful and special.
Unfortunately, I don't get to stop and talk to near as many owners as I would like, at any of the shows we go to. I hate it when I can only click the shutter and move on. Summer heat can make it more challenging to get out and chat with the owners. It can really sap my energy and hospitality.
I hope that going back to edit some of these shots can help bring out what is so special about some of these cars and trucks. I never get tired of looking at them! I hope you don't either!

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