Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Painted Yellow Rose

Painted Yellow Rose
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So I'm learning more tricks and techniques with photoshop!
What do you think? I really like this technique, it is so much like painting, which real painting, I'm not very good at. Mostly because I haven't really tried it very much.
This technique was inspired by works I saw done by another flickr member, Scott Crouse. His first photo I saw that made me say "wow!" was The Barrel Maker. But he has done much more than just that, and I really enjoy all of his work. I checked out his blog, Scott Crouse Photography , and exchanged a little flickr mail with him. I really wanted to give the technique a try, myself, but I was not about to plunk down the money needed to use some of the software he uses to get the effect. After a small amount of googling, I found a tutorial that explained how to get a similar effect. Although the tutorial was much more basic than what I was wanting, it still provided the steps I needed and I quickly learned to give it my own touch. After all the "painting" or dodging and burning, I apply a very basic Orton effect to soften it all. And there she is!
I used this technique on a few other photos, but I must say I think it lends itself much better (in my hands, anyway) to the flower photos I recently captured after a beautiful bouquet showed up on my doorstep on Valentine's Day! After seeing what I did to make these, now dead roses, live much longer, hubby has vowed to buy me flowers more often! He is possibly my biggest fan, that I know of...even though one look at this photo generated a gasping "WOW MOM!" from my 13 year old son. He is an aspiring photographer too, remember?
I have many flower photos in my 'archives' to practice this technique more. I really need to print some out to see how they translate to print. We have high hopes of maybe framing these....
It is a dose a springtime that is difficult to find this time of year, but now I'm even more excited about new flowers blooming in my yard soon!
Here is the other rose photo I transformed using the same technique.

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