Friday, February 15, 2008

country barn

country barn
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Mornings are usually when I get my best inspirations and ideas. Lately, other things tend to compete for my attention that time of day. But this morning a tid bit broke through the early fog in my mind, and I decided to go with it.
The irony of it all, is that I'm not a morning person, by nature. And this morning, though I may be happy with the results of how the print was transformed into an art photo, which I personally like, I have suffered the raw reality that I'm still a beginner, and forgot to do something crucial.
The original print of this photo had the dreaded power line running straight across it. I hate power lines! So I put some new found editing skills to work, and was quite proud of what I had done. I could not tell, when I was finished, that power lines were ever there. I wish I could show you...but here is where I learned a lesson I actually already knew. I forgot to save the work before I continued working! Even worse, I closed the project out, so I could not even go back through the history box to where it could have been saved.
I could name several reasons to take the blame for my oversight, but having people around me distracting me, and not finishing my cup of coffee, really are pathetic excuses.
So....I may wind up re-opening the original photo, with the power lines still in it, and re-edit them out. But I think I need to sit back an enjoy this photo a bit before I do so. I really do like it!

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