Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Perryville Cruise In

Perryville Cruise In
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It's been a summer of car shows, and there's no sign of it dwindling yet!
Last week while reading my local newspaper, I saw that a Cruise In was planned in Perryville. Their first time giving it try, it sounded, as they are trying to raise money to fix up the down town area. Perryville is a little bitty town in western Boyle County, Kentucky, just a few minutes from where I live. It's a cute little town, fairly quiet most of the year, with the exception of one weekend in October when there is a Civil War reenactment at the Battlefield. If you enjoy seeing small town America, this is a great little place to visit, but to capture the small town charm, try to avoid Battle weekend, because the area is just swamped with tourists then, even though the battle is a real treat to visit, too.
The Chaplin River runs right through town, and history has shown it to get out of it's banks from time to time, even causing the fire department to post a truck on each side of the bridge to be able to help either side of town in case of an emergency when the flood waters would cover the bridge you see in the back ground in this photo. .
The river has been tame this year, and it provided a lovely backdrop for the car show on this hot and sticky summer day. Those of us who were able to find the shade of a big tree were very grateful.
The car show started at 4pm and was to last until 9. There wasn't a huge turn out, but it doesn't take many cool cars to draw a crowd, and have some fun. Every car show we go to we see new cars and meet new people, and this one was no exception. No two car shows are ever alike, and we always come away from one feeling like we've made new friends. I only wish I had the time to meet everyone there, as it seems every car that shows up represents a great story about how it got there or just the interesting people who own them.
We also had some entertainment at this car show. A local Elvis impersonator showed up to distract us all from the summer heat with his talent and warm personality. A true performer who obviously loves his audience!
Good bbq and a bake sale rounded out the event, as well as seeing familiar faces. For those who missed out on it this year, be looking for it again next year. Maybe we'll see you at the next car show!

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