Thursday, August 20, 2009

Over 600 Views!

Over that last few months I have been passing out little cards to direct people to this blog, and I have been getting more views. I don't get any comments, so I wonder who is taking the time to stop by and what they think of what they see.
My previous post I described my most recent trip to a local car show. I have uploaded more photos of that event to the YourKyPhotos web site.
I have links on this site directing viewers to that site just to make it easier, as I know typing in a url can be a test of patience, and even a gamble if you are prone to making typos.
That site where I sell selected photos lets me, as a contributor, see how many people are viewing my photos and albums, and I must say I'm quite impressed with the large volume of visits to my recent album. The current count is over 600 and still counting. Why am I impressed? I only passed out 3 business cards during that event, and I seriously doubt there were even half that many people at the event itself!
Now, I'm the first person to admit that math is not one of my strong suits, but that is quite an astounding number for this small town gal.
But I'm not celebrating this simple milestone. Why? Because out of all those views of an album containing only 13 photos, not one single order has been placed! I would like to think if my photos are good enough to be looked at hundreds of times, they are capturing someone's interest in some way, and the photos are also (if I do say so myself) worthy of ordering a print or two!
So if you are one of those fine folks who is taking the time to visit my blog and visit my folders in YourKyPhoto, the best way to share those photos with your friends and family is to get a print or two made! Tell everyone who took the photo, and tell them where you got it so they can get a print of their own! The best thing about photos is sharing them and the memories they capture for you!
While you are here, leave me a comment, or email me one. I would love to hear from my viewers, and I would especially love to hear from some of the folks I've met at the various events. A please don't be shy about ordering a print or two from me, I'd really appreciate and I'm sure you'd enjoy having it!
Thanks for stopping by!

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