Sunday, February 1, 2009

Getting Iced

Getting Iced
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Well... we survived the ice storm of January 2009. We were without power for about 4 days. This storm was no picnic to ride out, to say the least. I will try to make several entries with photos and stories, but that will take awhile. My camera held up just fine, and gave me something to do and a reason/excuse to go outside for more than just walking the dog. I only used about half my memory space, and was about half way through my available battery power. Through photos I was pretty much able to document the storm from my corner of the street.
Right now we are in recovery mode. The fridge has been cleaned out, relatives have been called, the insurance adjuster has been here but we have debris to remove and no chain saw to do it. We will have to get some professionals to remove a couple trees that I have greatly enjoyed. It really is hard to come to terms with their loss. They provided shade, privacy from our busy corner, and were a sound barrier as well as something to focus my camera lens on countless times.
Many photos have already been added to my flickr stream, but as of this writing, all but one of those were taken and loaded on Tuesday during the storm, and before we lost power. I will have to organize my photos, thoughts and stories before really starting the blog entries.

It was a bit traumatic, but we found out we were much more prepared than we may have realized. That will be another topic of my blog. People really really really need to be prepared for emergencies!

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